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Powerful Naruto by GalactisBot
Powerful Naruto
Another drawing of Naruto iv done :3 its one of his powers from the Demon fox within him ^^ hope u like it

Naruto © Shonen Jump
Evil Within by GalactisBot
Evil Within
The original pencil drawing was by a friend of mine, but she alowed me to color it an so I did using my best friend Photoshop X3 well its my favorite anime character called Naruto heh I love him he's always been an inspiration

Naruto © Shonen Jump
Costume! by GalactisBot
Hehehe hey guys!! Happy Halloween!!! Heheh this is my costume!! I went as my Creepypasta!! Hehehe hope u like it!!!
Cross by GalactisBot
Here's Cross hehe he belongs to my friend :iconskullcroos: hehe he asked if I could draw him so I did! Hope u like him!

Cross © :iconskullcroos:
Flare by GalactisBot
Heheh here's my gift to my friend :iconallie964: heheh I liked drawing her hehe shea really sweet! Hope u like is sweetie!

Flare © :iconallie964:
Hey! Lol ik its bin a long time but I'll be back from time to time lifes just bin ruff, anyways tell me how you all bin? An if ud like to rp just send me a note :3


another chinese dragon by GalactisBot
Chinese dragon by GalactisBot
Galactia and Sparks by GalactisBot
Full Body: 10 :points:

Head shot: 5 :points:

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Transformer OCs
Galactia's age groups by GalactisBot
Ramshaft (re-design) by GalactisBot
Upset.. by GalactisBot
Full Body: 15 :points:

Head Shot: 10 :points:

send points thro my donations
Humans OCs
Gyroblades by GalactisBot
Legion (human) by GalactisBot
Revic (human) by GalactisBot
(most of them i make are transformer ocs into humans, but i dont draw them but i make them)

Oc: 10 :points:

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GalactisBot's Profile Picture
Cheyenne Branham
United States
Name: Galactia
Race: Dragon Decepticon
Parent: Unknown to her
Optic color: Purple
Gender: Female
Personality: Fearless, merciless
Armor color: Black
Weapons: Tail swords, Sharp metal wings, mealting laser cannon, chain spiked wreaking ball
Transformations: F-117A Nighthawk aircraft, quad, and dragon form
Main form: Robot

Galactia was a rouge Autobot who left after feeling unfit for the autobots knowing she didnt beling with them, bofore leaving she ruined there base which caused them to move as she escaped from them. she then ran to the Decepticons an went to Megatron, the other Decepticons felt she was a nucance an wanted to end her but Megatron sall the power in her eyes, so he spared her an she became his second in command. over the years shes grown to use her power an has become more mercaless as a con an longing for the day to get back at the autobots who tried to coruppt her to be with them. over time Megatron as admired Galactias strength an soon they become a pair when they bond, over the years they've had 2 sparklings to pass on there power, Sparks, there daughter, an SpaceBlast, there son.

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If you ever want to talk or role play or anything I'd be happy to oblige. :la:
And have a good day!
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